Tiffany & Co(w) Inspired Tack Room

Me: “Sorry my house is disgusting.”

Also Me: “Please take off your shoes before going into my tack room.”

Now let’s be honest..

This is a non-recent finished product of having time on my hands, a little jingle in my pocket, no children and some coffee induced motivation.

Now, there’s mouse droppings on the floor, a water trough in the center still messy from chicks that were placed in it weeks ago, empty feed sacks, empty feed bins and a girl that needs to clean up her tack room but “can’t even”.

But before the chaos of becoming a busy adult and then throwing a kid into the mix, there was this beautiful little tack room painted in Tiffany & Company blue with pink bridle racks and some d.i.y. trim that resembles cow print.

Here – I’ll include the deets!



Trevor (my husband) and I build this barn or “lean-to” and poured a concrete floor the length of the barns width. The slab ended up 8ftx14ft-ish. We framed up the tack room  and added a couple windows that not much later my buckskin gelding would eat the screens out of. The door  now sports dings and dents from hooves beating on it too. This was our first go at doing drywall ourselves. Not too pretty, but I’ve seen worse. Also, Trevor’s first go at wiring. Again, not too pretty.. Just kidding, I now have 3 switches to different lights in the barn and a ton of electrical outlets. It’s really a cowgirls dream tack room.


The Trim

My husband is in the concrete biz. Some slabs he pours up are formed with 1×6 pieces of wood. In order for the concrete to not stick to the wood or forms, they are oiled with basically what would be the Crisco (the spray kind) of the concrete industry. After a few uses, the pieces of wood get wore down, greasy, and some concrete pieces stick to them like those dang brownie pieces in the corner of the pan if you know what I’m saying. They’re useless. But not to me! These were perfect for my trim project.

I painted these greasy pieces of 1×6 with black paint knowing it would be selective where it would stick and dry.

I sporadically placed globs of Vaseline over the black painted wood with a paper towel. Let that sit for a bit and then painted over the entire board with white.

I ran over the entire board with a scouring pad once the white paint had dried. If you’re young and dumb like me, you’re probably wondering what a scouring pad is. It’s the green flat sponge your momma uses to clean the kitchen pans. You’re welcome. The pad removed the white paint wherever the Vaseline sat resulting in the patchy, cow spotted effect.

I then shabbily pieced the 1×6’s together at the ends and used them as trim bordering the floor, door and windows.


The Curtains

Made from burlap potato sacks they look alright on the front but the back side is a thread knotted disaster. I totaled out my sewing machine in this endeavor. Good luck to you should you decide to make burlap curtains without proper knowledge of how to sew burlap. R.I.P. Singer.


Considering I went overboard with making my tack room look like a little girl’s room, I tried saving some money wherever I could. I wanted to save money and save space at the same time and found that Schneider Saddlery was THE PLACE for fixtures. The racks I purchased were inexpensive and so far everything has stood the test of time and has held up great!

I’ve included the racks and hangers I purchased here as well as links below.

The Easy-Up Bridle Rack $17.99


Pink Single Bridle Hooks $2.99


The Easy-Up Saddle N Pad Rack $24.99


The Easy-Up Blanket Bar $8.99



I love how it turned out. Punchy, fancy and functional.

I hope this Tiffany & Co(w) tack room inspires you to style yours! You’re husband needed a summer project anyways, right?