Floral European Mount

img_2369My friend Laura, the owner of Refunked Junque made this adorable floral European mount piece and had it for sale at her shoppe about a year ago. My home (50’s model) is basically a blank canvas and this what I’ll call “wall art” didn’t match a thing but I thought it was adorable and I had to have it. #impulsebuy So there it sits in our guest bedroom waiting for a place to take residency. I’ll post a link later so you can see all Laura’s amazing work.

In the meantime, my husbands best friend, Colton (hi Colton! you made the blog! Lol) found this awesome deer skull while cleaning irrigation ditch with his excavator. I shed hunt with hubby every spring and we collect a good amount of mule deer antlers but have yet to find a dead head (skull and all) so this was like gold to me. I know, bones. Weirdo. Anyways, I’ve kept this skull in my flower bed for a year now to let the bugs and Mother Nature do their thing. Clean it up and whatnot. Only a little bit of hide was left on the nose so I took care of that with my husbands toothbrush.. just kidding.. some needle-nose pliers did the trick. I didn’t think that required picture documentation.

The floral skull is the IN thing right now. From prints on clothing, boutique logos, boho decor and everything in between. If there’s a skull out there, there’s a girl who wants to slap some flowers on it and call it “chic”.

I’m that girl. So I took Laura’s piece as inspiration and did with my new skull what she did with hers but with my own flair of course. With $20 and a 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby I made it to match what we already had for decor in our home. It was super easy and I was able to do all within an hour while my newborn was taking a nap!

Here’s how I did it. Quick!

I used 3 stemmed peonies(but cut the stems off) from Hobby Lobby and a pallet wall hanging with white frame already attached.

I used a hot glue gun to attach the back of the flowers to the skull.

And a piece of suede lace to thread thru the back of the skull for hanging. I suppose a piece of wire or fishing line would work but baby napping = working on borrowed time and using what’s available.

Tack a nail into wood to hang skull on.

And hang. Pretty nifty! I mean, pretty “chic” 😉

Check out Laura’s Refunked Junque Facebook page!


And on instagram




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